Chiro-Yoga center

Drakestraße 42 12205 Berlin 

+49 (0) 157 31681740 - Noga Müller

+49 (0) 1575 8837009 ß Tamar Brosh

Read more about the developer of the White Light Expansion method. 

© 2017 by Tamar Brosh & Noga Müller


We are passionate instructors of the WLE, we love the expansion process and we love to teach, guide and empower others in the process of development, healing and transformation.  

I am deeply humbled and honored to guide each and every one who comes to me and I am looking forward to meet you too and help you access your soul-print, heal your wounds and find your inner-calling and true meaning in life.

I do all I can to connect every person to their deepest wish for truth, liberation and love in all levels of being. The method enables us to meet our limitations and go beyond them. I invite you to go on a journey with me. We will travel into your own consciousness in order to create a new reality in your life.