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Thinking about your challenges and steps in life may reveal outmoded ways of dealing with things. It is time to try reaching new states of mind that transcend your ordinary thoughts.


Expansion for creativity and decision-making

We live in times that glorify individuality. The post-modern man enjoys rights and great freedoms; his life lies in his own hands, to create and direct. However, this freedom comes at a price.

Have you ever tried to count how many major and minor decisions you have to make in a single day? Have you ever tried to measure the amount of energy spent directing your own life? How many times have you asked yourself: "What do I want to do with my life?" "Should I maintain this relationship or should I break it up?" "Should I take this route in life or the other?" Life is becoming more and more complex and demands increasing creative thought and action from you. You need to keep up, and sometimes a decision seems so complicated and limiting that you wish to escape the challenge of making a decision altogether.

The truth is that life holds endless possibilities for you, and the only thing preventing you from seeing that is your own mode of thinking. Your ordinary thought process is quite limited: it operates through contradictions and opposing tendencies, and it is conflicted, fragmented and linear by its very nature. If you suffer from a lack of clarity, if you are unsure what the 'right thing to do' is and which advice you should adopt, or if you feel 'stuck' and limited in life, it is only because you lean on your thought process.

However, sometimes you have probably felt that you 'just knew' something. You couldn’t explain why, you just knew it. You felt it in your entire being, and it turned out to be right. The good news is that, in the 'White Light Expansion,' you can systematically gain this state time and again and create yourself anew. Moving away from the center of your thought into the vibrating core of intelligence makes you a receptor and conductor for endless clarity and creativity.

Finally, you can gain a wholesome vision and immediately know the long sought after answers to your questions. Whatever question you may carry – be it "what profession should I acquire?" or "what is the next step for my half-written book?" – you can simply expand and ask.

It is not about 'listening to your heart.' It is about rising to a new plane of thinking, which is non-linear, fast, wise and holistic. When using the incredibly creative states of 'expansion,' you won’t need to look into your memory bank for old and used answers. You will face your challenges with a quiet mind that overflows with intuition and fresh insight. You will become an artist, and your life will be your greatest work of art.

Always take it into account that some of your disturbing mental and emotional problems can only be solved by making external changes in your life. For that to happen, you'll need to take action, but taking action requires energy, clarity, confidence and fearlessness. All of these qualities are available in the subtle states of your expanded consciousness.

So, would you like to finally feel and actualize the feeling that everything is possible? In the 'White Light Expansion' there are four highly effective techniques for you: "The White Light for Inner Wisdom," "The White Light for the Next Step," "The White Light for Clarity" and "The White Light for Creative Action." Now, choose your troubling dilemma, step into one of these techniques, and see how all at once it is easy to truly know.


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