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Read more about the developer of the White Light Expansion method. 

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Monday De-Light

White light Expansion meditation with Noga Müller and Tamar Brosh


Get to know the supreme potential of meditation


How would it feel like, if you could systematically and independently enter the most profound states of meditation?

With the 'White Light Expansion' meditation, developed by Shai Tubali, you will learn the groundbreaking technique that will allow you to unlock the deepest secrets of meditation. Through The Expansion process you will learn how to easily access profound moments of silence, bliss and experience a sense of limitlessness. 

Experience and practice a simple yet powerful technique. The Expansion meditation will enable you to get in touch with your truest self, time and time again, and to easily achieve deep states of relaxation.

Join our circle and enjoy the supportive and empowering energy of group meditation.  


In The White Light Expansion Meditation evening you will:

  • Fall in love with the state of meditation 

  • Develop a real meditative ability

  • Experience new feelings of freedom, limitlessness and lightness.

  • Integrate meditation into your daily life, so you can feel more focused, alert and balanced


About the event: 

In the homey and magical atmosphere of our Yoga, Spirituality and Alternative Medicine center (Chiro-Yoga center) we will meet every Monday for a meditation circle that includes a talk, enhancing prana breathing practice and the WLE guided meditation. 

No prior meditation experience is needed.   

The evening will be held in English. You will receive an expansion private model for self-use in your own meditation practices at home.  

The circle will take place on Mondays, between 19:00-20:30

'Chiro-Yoga' center, Drakestraße 42, 12205 Berlin

Cost: 12 Euro

Students - 10 Euro

Special card- 5 evenings for 50 Euro

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