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Noga Müller

I was born in Israel, Living for the last 5 years in Berlin and consider myself as an international being and not a local one. I have a B.A in the fine arts. I am a senior certified instructor and therapist  in the " Body- Cognition Method" with 17 years experience in private sessions and group leading. 

I have been giving private sessions, seminars and lectures about the WLE in the last 6 years. In the last 1.5 years, I work as the manager of the Chiro-Yoga center in Berlin.

​How did I ​get to know the WLE?


I remember my first expansion. ​When I started the session I was angry and frustrated, hardly breathing. ​My whole body was contracted and I just wanted to be left alone. To my complete surprise, after a few simple directions of breathing and using imagination, ​ something deeply changed ​during the expansions. ​The whole world changed, my own being felt freer, my body was alive again. ​The negative emotions disappeared and what was left was a deep inner silence that made me feel connected to the lightful nature of reality. ​I felt as if one kind hand was sent from the heavens and pulled me away from my own cage of thoughts and negative emotions.


​After the session was over and I opened my eyes, I knew I wanted to help more people to be able to feel the bliss of expansion. ​So I went to the WLE school… and then to another training and another one. In the end I become a certified instructor and for the next six years I gave treatments, I was teaching, lecturing and spreading as much as I could​​ the beauty and depths of this method all around.




Why do I love it so much?

My love affair with the White light Method started about seven years ago and got deeper with every year passing. I tried it myself because I was inter​ested in a different way to create changes in my life. ​At that time, my work with people was about the connection between body, mind and health. After 12 years of working with peop​le I could see that one element is missing- the spiritual one. I wanted to find a way to work with my own consciousness and to help other people to become more free, more manifested in life​ and​ connected to their real inner radiating being. I was looking for a​ ​way to touch directly our inner obstacle​s​ and go beyond ​them.​ Maybe you can imagine how deeply touched and grateful ​I ​was and I ​am that ​I found all that ​in the method.


​I can honestly say that the method ideas, treatments and practices changed me deeply and enable​d​ me to meet life's challenges from a free and quiet point of view​. Thanks to​ the WLE I can​ discover life's beauty and joy in every moment and to reach meditative states easily (that was for me almost impossible​ before)​.


What do I wish for you when I am treating with the WLE?


​Well, basically for me, you can always expand your being and your life experience more and more and it is my mission to help you with it. I see myself obligated when I work with people, to see in front of my eyes their biggest potential and support it so it can bloom fully. I do all I can to connect every person that I meet, to their deepest wish for truth, liberation and love in all levels of being, meaning helping you to be able to live and lead your life out of as much clarity, positivity, inner power, joy and truth as you can. The method enables us to meet our limitations and go beyond them. I invite you to go on a journey with me. We will travel into your own consciousness in order to create a new reality in your life.

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