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Private Sessions

The WLE  consists more than 50 different techniques for emotional balance, trauma work, mental clarity, inner empowerment and spiritual development.


The process consists of three main steps and can last between 90-120 min:

●      A discussion – we explore your current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. During this part, we are able to look closely into the current blockage, mental pattern or emotional state that requires clarity and healing. In this step, we use the perspective of the chakras and the chakra personality types in order to focus and clarify the process and choose the most accurate WLE technique for the most effective and transformative results.


●      Guided White Light Expansion -  The WLE method consists more than 50 different techniques for emotional balance, trauma work, mental clarity, inner empowerment and spiritual development. In every meeting we use one specific technique that suits the situation the best. The WLE   is done in closed eyes as a guided and structured meditation that includes breathing, dialog, questions, and of course expansion. It is a deep energetic journey that clears away the blockages and emotional imprints in the Chakras and activates the subtle body.

●      Integration and conclusion -  In every process, we use the high and meditative state of consciousness in order to have a clear and relevant understanding of our regular daily situations. In this final step we give the right context to the process, emphasize deep insights that happened and give the recommendation for self-practice until the next meeting. 


We never tell the client what to think or do. On the contrary, one of the principles of the WLE is the building of a true self-authority.


We will never tell the person undergoing the process our own opinion, nor will we direct him to making a certain decision or action of any kind – otherwise we will betray one of the most significant principles of the expansion process: the support in building a true self authority; the creation of a true self that doesn’t need the guidance of an external authority of any kind.


The moment a person discovers these layers of presence, strength and healing inside of him, he establishes self-ownership.  Abundance, intelligence and love are now revealed as very accessible states.


The session takes place in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.



Long-term process

It is most recommended for clear and lasting results to come for at least 10-12 sessions that can deepen the process and reveal new abilities and hidden potentials.  Aside from that, the process of responding to the sessions by a change of lifestyle, and following the given practices also helps greatly.

It is recommended to come to the sessions, in a gap of 2 to 3 weeks.  In more extreme imbalanced emotional situations we recommend in the first month to come once per week.