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Here we've tried to answer the most popularly asked questions. If you have any other question that we've missed, you are more than welcome to contact us.


Q & A


1. How is the expansion process different from all other methods out there?


The principle of expansion is derived from solid grounds of theoretical and philosophical knowledge. It is the practical extension of a comprehensive view of the human mind and consciousness, which is inspired by Yogic traditions as well as Western philosophy and psychology. Teachings of the psychology of chakras, the power psychology and the subtle anatomies serve as a source of great insight both for personal instructors and group leaders.


It is based not on one technique, but rather on a great variety of techniques, each suiting a totally different need of your psyche.

One of its core principles is the creation of genuine self-authority. The truth is revealed through your own expanded state, and thus you can give yourself the answers to any of your concerns. Our role is only to provide you with the ideal platform for self-liberation.

The expansion process includes thoroughly integrating sublime insights into your daily life, and that is why our clients see substantial and actual change in their life from moment to moment.

The method can respond to your specific interests: from therapy to spiritual development, self-empowerment, creativity and decision-making.

The method seems to increase qualities such as meditative ability, clarity and creativity.


2. Could you describe the process that takes place in a private session?


The session lasts about two hours. It begins with a conversation that usually takes half an hour. From this dialogue, the instructor selects the right technique for your specific needs. You will be asked to close your eyes while seated, and then you will be mentally guided into the process (which does not include touch or 'healing'). Every process includes integration both during the technique and after, when you are asked to open your eyes. The technique that the instructor chooses for you during your next session will not necessarily be the same. At the end of the session you will receive a transcription of everything you said, along with some recommended practices to do until your next meeting. For the most part, sessions are held every two weeks, although if there's a clear need, it's also possible to have a weekly meeting. The therapeutic process lasts about three months - though most clients choose to extend it beyond the urgent therapeutic need precisely because of its effectiveness. This procedure is also available on Skype and has actually proved to be just as successful.


3. What is the difference between a workshop and a private session?


A private session is recommended to anyone who is interested in changing their deep-seated patterns, going into their unconscious and creating a profound therapeutic change in their psyche and life. However, it does not contradict coming to a workshop; a workshop could help you make a shift in your personal development. A workshop is a supportive field in which people are intensely engaged in the expansion process, while also learning how to guide others in it (thus acquiring a great tool for practicing with your loved ones at home!). The participants get to know the more comprehensive world of expansion through theories and a variety of shorter techniques, and they learn how to implement the principle of expansion into their daily lives. Usually people choose to go into therapy sessions after attending a workshop, and vice versa. However, there's no need for any preliminary experience; attending other White Light workshops is not required. You could continue to practice later on, but there is no obligation to do so. The workshop's practice is typically done in pairs, as this is the most effective way to get the direct experience of expansion, but this does not mean that you cannot choose to do it alone or, alternatively, to come with a partner.


4. I have experienced so many workshops and methods that promised a change. Can the White Light Expansion show me anything new?


If you've attended many awareness courses, you are most welcome to try this method out and to hopefully see for yourself that 'there is always more.' Expansion is powerful because of its immediate and quick-acting impact. In the very first trial you'll, for the most part,  contact new states of consciousness and inner freedom (of course, results are according to each person's present abilities). Many experienced people told us that they never encountered such deep states of meditation before. Moreover, in the workshops you will go through a variety of techniques, so deeper experiences and insights may come at you from different angles. Needless to say, the level of one's totality and readiness also determines the degree of the expansion’s life-changing impact.


5. I am highly experienced in meditation. Does your method suit only beginners or can it also serve the experienced?


Experienced meditators, once they try out the expansion process, are frequently surprised to find that they were able to tap into new, far-reaching meditative states. For this reason, any workshop could empower both experienced and inexperienced people. Many people who have had nothing to do with therapeutic or spiritual fields can use it too, since the method is designed to adjust to the current needs of any practitioner. We have a wide range of audiences, inclinations and even ages (from young children to the very old!).


6. What sources does this method lean upon?


Shai Tubali, the developer of this method, is an autodidact researcher with an accumulated sixteen years of experience. He has published fourteen books in the Hebrew language, three books in English and two that have already been translated into German – all deal with psycho-spiritual transformation. He was acknowledged by the yogic 'Nityananda' tradition for his 'liberated state.' As a part of his ceaseless research, he strove to create a method that applied spiritual wisdom and experience to psychological liberation, and he also strove to provide everyone with the ability to experience sublime enlightened states. He has gained an extensive knowledge of the chakras and the Kundalini energy. In his schools of expansion he combines profound transformational processes with comprehensive theoretical teachings and practices. In our workshops we often meet psychologists and multidisciplinary therapists who find the expansion process, and the knowledge that encompasses it, ground breaking.



7. How long does it take to see results from the expansion process?


This method is designed for accelerated therapeutic processes, since it operates from a higher state of consciousness. However, we do not believe in magic therapies that dissolve all our problems at once. The human being is a complex phenomenon. Hence, we are distinguished by methods of transformation, not by any promise of no-time resolve. We typically recommend ten to twelve sessions in order to reach profound insight and change, but sometimes it might take more. Though we have had great success in helping mental, emotional and psychosomatic problems, we do not pretend to heal any health problems or to replace medical care.


8. I've learned so many methods but haven't practiced them because I don't have self-discipline. How long does it take to practice the expansion process in order to feel something?


As with any practice, the more persistently you follow it, the deeper the change is. However, just to feel something you'll need much less. People who come to a one-time workshop or to one session every two weeks have reported significant changes in their emotional and functional levels as well as in their general relationships. Oftentimes a one-time session has a deeper influence that goes beyond its two hour duration since it penetrates the person's subtle being and keeps on working from there. Having problems with self-discipline can be turned into a therapeutic subject within the white light expansion. People have see results in this area.


9. I'm a therapist. If I come to the workshop, will I learn how to treat other people with the expansion process?


The workshop's techniques are powerful and quite effective. Participants oftentimes go back to their families and friends and guide them in the process. However, the techniques are shorter and less complex than the ones used by certified instructors. To use it as a professional therapeutic tool, one must learn the many intricacies of the techniques: how to confront obstacles and how to use different techniques for different processes and needs. This, of course, requires joining one of our international schools.