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"Tamar is a wise, deep, sensitive and totally intuitive woman and her mastery in emotional transformation and mastering relationships is absolute. She combines a brilliant ability to analyze and conceptualize with highly methodical, comprehensive and rare precision. 


When she works with the expansion method and other tools, and adds to that her humor and interesting and humble personality, she enables me to go through a powerful transformation process."

R.A, clinical psychologist

"We wish to warmly recommend Tamar Brosh as an instructor in the WLE and as a teacher.

We had the pleasure of learning with Tamar a 12 meetings course in which we learnt to work with different WLE techniques, we learnt about out subtle anatomy and chakra-system, and we learnt to meditate. Tamar gave us excellent tools for self-understanding and self-empowerment and we experienced first-hand the amazing healing potential of these tools.

Tamar has an amazing clear, practical and yet deep and profound way to teach and we marveled each time at her ability to see and expose hidden patterns and explain them and also at her openness and outstanding generosity, warmth and love. " 

Ronit Ben dov – clinical psychologist

Avital Lahav – therapist

Etty Granot – art teacher

Micky Garber – teacher and therapist

"I came to Tamar after I couldn't control my anger anymore. I had rage attacks which made things very difficult for me and in my work. It wasn't an easy process to see myself and to connect to self- responsibility and self-control.


During the years I built high walls around my heart so knocking them down was hard; but with Tamar's professional and intelligent guidance, with her sensitivity and warmth, and mainly with her full trust in me and my ability to change, 

I saw into the roots of my frustrations and learnt how to stay present in challenging moments with colleges and friends. This change is truly amazing and I am deeply grateful for it".

S.D Manager Wingate Institute Israel