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"I like to use the WLE to help people to transcend and go beyond their mind and touch deep and expanded spaces within themselves. The WLE process is better than most therapies I know and use. I particularly love the WLE for healing Trauma since it heals and removes all aspects of trauma, sadness and grief in one session".

Ilana Goldstein, spiritual psychotherapist, MBA

"As a very experienced psychotherapist, I can recommend the WLE for therapists and for anyone who is looking for emotional and general help. If you are a therapist yourself, you will find the WLE as a very extensive method that can take care and solve man and diverse issues, and those who look for help in this point in their life would experience their most profound and authentic sense of self and enjoy an easy way to access this state of being independently. This connection is the very thing that gives the WLE its extraordinary power to heal and empower".

O.Z. 48, Psychotherapist

"The White Light expansion is one of the most brilliant methods that I use to expand my possibilities and instantly change my states of mind for the better. The active meditation is so beautifully easy and effective at the same time that I regularly use it by myself and also in the work with clients in coaching and therapy with magnificent results. I have come across many methods and mind-tools in the last decade and the White Light Meditation definitely ranks super-high because it is so simple, deep and powerful."

Sven Oliver Heck

"I have gained plenty of presents for the rest of my life. With the white light Expansion I've learned to eliminate my personal suffering and to truly enjoy life; to expand the consciousness and break through its limits".

S.G, 60 years old, after 1 session

"I've overcome an unsolvable trauma, and succeeded in altering my perception of difficult situations in life".

I.R, 36 years old, after 3 sessions

"The white light Expansion has saved my life. I came depressed, was on anti-depressants, and today I'm a different person".

J.H, 25, after 5 sessions

"The White Light Expansion Meditation is a great tool for dealing with all the obstacles on earth. It structures my meditation and helps me stay focused. It shows me that there is more than our earthly perception. With WLE my life is becoming lighter, stronger and more joyful."


"Whoever touches the field of consciousness of the white light, which gave the method its name, understands that the doors that lead back to our divine essence are wide open."

'Sein' Magazine, Germany

 "I have tried the 'expansion process' which appears at the beginning of the book. Words cannot describe the joy that flooded me and the showers of insights. The process itself imbues with a tremendous positive energy. Whoever manages to expand once, will wish to return again and again to that experience. Highly recommended"

'Other life' Magazine, Israel

"Expanding to infinity, experiencing the light, leaving earthly and human planes behind, allowing the consciousness to quit the body, entering creator-hood, deep silence, non-movement and eternal darkness, bursting into divine laughter, creating universes, dropping identities... all these are experiences that are easily accessible through the White Light Expansion method. 
When I got first in touch with Shai and his work some five years ago, the immediate and direct experience of deep spiritual and meditative states was mind blowing for me. And it felt like no effort was needed to get there. Today, meanwhile being a certified WLE instructor, I am still stunned and humbled by the wisdom and depth engraved in this method which works beautifully for the development  of all aspects of manifest human life and functions simultaneously a catapult into states of unknown bliss and freedom and beyond. I don‘t know anything that works better and faster and I am so grateful for Shai for handing us this gift of the White Light Expansion method with all its unique and beautiful techniques to help us freeing ourselves from the veils of illusion to become clear and unshakable reflections of the One Cosmic Consciousness."

Regina Tokarczyk

"The White-Light method was and is for me a revolutionary discovery and experience. It has found a permanent place in my psycho-therapeutic work. The white-light method is a therapeutic tool (for both psychological and spiritual concerns), which ensures a healthy relationship between the fellow instructor and the  client. Refreshingly different and deeply touching!"

Nicole Ines Harnisch, Practice for Naturopathy. Practice of Evolutionary Astrology

 "The White Light Expansion seminar has been for me a significant shift; both for my spiritual development and for the more earthly aspect – in getting rid of unnecessary burden which only made it hard for me to experience life as it is. It was an amazing experience"    

A.C 22 years old, workshop's participant

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