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Five Principles of the White Light Method


1. Consciousness Precedes Phenomena

Albert Einstein said that it is impossible to solve a problem on the same level in which it was created in the first place. In the same way, trying to change our thinking  through thought is like a dog madly chasing his own tail.

Consciousness precedes phenomena, and therefore consciousness can change phenomena.


In the White Light Method we take a leap into levels of consciousness in which we can truly transform our mind and emotions. It is not a matter of believing or holding on to some strong concept, but to move into a less dense or a higher level of consciousness from which we can profoundly transform ourselves. The higher we go into the more refined levels of consciousness, the quicker it becomes possible to change our mind's content. We move into the realms of the spirit. From there, we can change our thought, then thought changes our feeling, and then feeling changes sensations in the body.

It is an alchemical process. By working on a person's hidden subtle fields, we can eventually bring forth a change in the layers of thought, emotion, sensation and behavior.

2. The Fields are Planes in which Suffering is Impossible

In the White Light Method, a distinction is made between two ways of dealing with the tangle of our thoughts and emotions. The “Indirect way” involves memory-based thinking which is founded on differing intellectual and spiritual concepts, which keep us trapped in perpetually conflicting thoughts and emotions.  The “Highway” involves a transition into transformative dimensions discovered long ago by seers and sages. Through the process of “expansion” we transcend memory-based thinking, once we overcome memory-based thinking, we don't need any kind of intellectual or spiritual concepts to comfort us. Internal conflict and suffering can now be managed through our own power.

Suffering cannot exist where there is no psychological memory. Once we transcend psychological memory, we can liberate ourselves.

Of course, these shifts require time, but when we focus on the process of expansion of our consciousness, the content of our thoughts, emotions and our bodily sensations change in dramatic ways, because they can only exist on a certain level of development. Once we expand beyond this level, our prior conflicts and problems will seem meaningless.

3. Self-ownership or Self-authority

Once we transcend psychological memory through the process of expansion, we achieve true individuality and total self-responsibility. Our happiness is no longer related to circumstances.  Happiness is our own.  We are no longer dependent on others to release us from suffering.

There is no hope outside of man. We are the miracle we have been waiting for.

The brain, when disconnected from fields of higher consciousness, is inevitably a conditioned structure, influenced and dependent on circumstances. Through the process of expansion in the subtle fields, we reach a state in which we are totally alone. In this “Liberated State,” we cannot be conditioned by external or internal influence; in this state we ourselves become a source of intelligence and love.

4. Expansion is Bliss

Our subtlest form of suffering is the feeling of contraction. The feeling of contraction results from all states of conflict; it is like being trapped in a little box. This is totally opposite to the state of our inherent potential, since we all carry within us a spark of consciousness – the memory and the hidden knowledge that we are all destined for a total expansion. In order to break through this state of limitation, many times we use all kinds of distractions and obsessions; we try to forget ourselves through sex, drugs, alcohol or forms of entertainment, such as cinema. We try to get some kind of relief from the state of contraction.

The process of expansion means to go in the opposite direction of our habit to contract. If suffering equals contraction, then expansion equals bliss. When consciousness is expanded, we fulfill our destiny as human beings.  We are all like tiny seeds, which aspire to grow and blossom into infinity.  The process of expansion enables us to do so. 

Each time the body-mind complex assimilates into more liberated states, it “recalls” its own ability to function harmoniously, and goes back to healthy and optimal functioning. Dwelling in the spaces of the subtle fields contributes to self-healing and total balance.

Our level of happiness, freedom, health, balance and development keeps on growing with the expansion of our consciousness.

We can expand traumas, mantras, self-identity and chakras. We can expand our emotions and psychosomatic disorders, and we can expand any philosophy or philosophical notion. Every tiny seed grows, through the process of expansion, into infinity.

5. Awakening of the New Brain

The main activity of the brain is thinking. Thinking can create conflict and misery.  When we make choices or act, our brain grabs memories of past experiences and accumulated knowledge, and the result is that our past shapes our present.

Memory is a useful tool, but it cannot function as our world view.

In the subtler fields, the brain is in a state of listening. It is free from memory and therefore free from conditioning. When there are no veils to separate it from reality, a new clarity arises and allows right choices and actions to be made. This state of listening is a state of creativity, intelligence and holistic functioning of the brain.