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Expansion of Consciousness

Consciousness is a structure of perception which enables us to consciously reflect and perceive different levels of our own being and of the universe.

Contraction is the deepest unconscious form of suffering for a human being.

If we will check closely, we will realize that what's common to all of our psychological and physical difficulties and blockages is, first of all, the sense of contraction. Suffering is when we get stuck within the limitations of the body-mind complex. The more we feel contracted through thinking, feeling and circumstances of life, the more we suffer.  Suffering is caused by the sense of contraction.

The process of expansion can uproot the deepest form of suffering.


The opposite of it is expansion. The characteristic of all our sensations of health and liberation is the feeling of expansion and breaking through limitations, a sense of openness and flow.

Most of our suffering does not derive from life itself but from our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and ideas. In other words -from a state of contracted consciousness.

Expansion of consciousness is a means to change our life, in several levels such as increasing intelligence and insights, increasing intuition, evolving spiritually and healing our mental, emotional and psychosomatic blockages. Our consciousness may expand in the way that makes suffering disappear forever.

Expansion is a process through which we realize the limitations of our present state, and then we break through it.

Every fixed structure is a type of suffering, since structure is a limited pattern. Stepping out of the pattern means, always, growing happiness and joy, elevation of spirit, creativity, life force and intelligence.

Everything in this universe is a pattern and has its limitations.  Our personality is a structure with characteristics, abstract things such as love are in a way a structure, the universe itself is a structure and even our own consciousness is a structure. The moment we are able to recognize the structure, and therefore the limit of it (we can do that thanks to our subtle senses); we can break through its limitation and go beyond it. We can expand anything in the cosmos - terrible emotions and thoughts, traumas, memories and even happiness, strength and enlightened states.

In the expansion process it becomes most practical and accessible to go beyond the mind. We can resemble it to the Russian Babushka: The first doll is dense and small and the other dolls are becoming hollowed, airier and more spacious. So is our consciousness - Everything begins like a tiny grain that holds within it the entire universe.

 The process of expansion is also a process of alchemy – turning any cheap metal (such as negative emotion, thought, conflict and so on) into gold, and then even turning the gold into a more expanded state. For example – in order to expand anger, we realize the structure of the emotion through our subtle senses (including body location, shape, color, sensation and fragrance), then we expand until there is no negative turbulence anymore regarding that emotion. However, this neutral state is not enough, and we keep expanding until the emotion is transformed into golden positive state. This is not positive as we know it. It is a positivity that has no opposite. It is a positivity that can never fall back into suffering.

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