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“A Guide to Bliss” - Shai Tubali

(In German, “White Light: Reise zur Gluckseligkeit")


The White Light Expansion is one of the simplest and quickest ways to reach profound meditative states of consciousness. I developed it in the year 2009, and ever since it has enabled thousands of people to enter states of expanded consciousness that previously had been unreachable to them.

White Light Expansion also uses in various ways these profound states to alter one’s reality - on the physical, emotional, behaviourial and mental levels. As a cognitive method which activates dormant powers of mind and consciousness, it strongly supports the 6th Chakra. 

This book provides readers with both the full principles that activate these dormant capacities within you and seven practical processes which enable you to alter different dimensions of your life. 

The book was first published in Israel in the year 2010, and then was published in Germany in 2013 and the USA in 2014. 


"Whenever a person underwent the process of expansion, which is the heart of this method, he and I could finally meet in the subtle planes of consciousness and truly understand each other on the base of a common direct revelation. No one needed me anymore as the mediator of these states, since a fully independent way to profoundly and continuously get in touch with them was revealed."

[Shai Tubali, From 'White Light: A Guide to Bliss']


“For most people, true feelings of happiness are forever fleeting and tied to certain expectations. In that way, happiness becomes an experience that is dependent on other people and external circumstances. It’s difficult to free oneself from these constraints since they stem from mental and emotional patterns that already started forming in our childhood. With the White Light, Shai Tubali has developed a method that we can use in order to expand into wider layers of consciousness. The book presents easy-to-apply techniques that connect us to our enlightened potential and integrates them with growing ease into daily life.” — Bewusstsein Magazine, Austria


“This book makes you really want to try and work with the suggested techniques!” — Spuren Magazine, Switzerland


“Whoever touches the field of consciousness of the White Light, which gave the method its name, understands that the doors that lead back to our divine essence are wide open.” — Sein Magazine, Germany


“I have tried the ‘expansion process’ which appears at the beginning of the book. Words cannot describe the joy that flooded me and the showers of insights. The process itself imbues [one] with a tremendous positive energy. Whoever manages to expand once will wish to return again and again to that experience. Highly recommended.” — Different Life Magazine, Israel


“As a psychologist, I was surprised that I could find profound positive changes after just one session.” — Anja Grossmann, psychologist, Austria


“I use the expansion of the White Light to help people transcend and touch higher levels of their being. One White Light process can equal ten other kinds of therapies. I especially love the White Light for negative memories which has a deep healing dimension to it in cases of loss and deep sadness.” — Ilana Goldstein, psychotherapist,Israel


“These techniques are very good for many of my clients, for addiction, relationship issues, depression, issues of self-worth and anxieties.” — Inke Jochims, psychotherapist, Germany


“The method presented in this book adds, in my mind, a significant layer to the growing synthesis between meditation and psychology as well as to the universal effort to understand and free the complex human mind. This method brings the harmony and benediction of ancient meditation to the doorstep of the Western practitioner, and turns the traditional practice into incredibly accessible and easy-to-use modern techniques.” — Nir Brosh, Medical Doctor and Homeopath